The Scots College

The Scots College is a distinctive Australian school that defends the honorable traditions, adventures and education of boys. It exists to inspire boys to learn, lead and serve as they strive for excellence together. The Scots College has been raising fine young men since 1893 from Sydney, New South Wales and many different nations from around the world. In order to take The Scots College to the next level in the digital world, it required a highly knowledgeable team of IT professionals, to complement it’s onsite IT Team. This is when it approached Sydpro. The Scots College wanted a small team of IT professionals that would not just uphold the standards of Information Technology they required but would also understand the values of the school. At Sydpro, when we partner with an organization, we do not just consider ourselves as an outsourced unit, but as members of the organization itself. Sydpro currently maintains and ensures that all IT systems of the Scots College are patched, fine tuned and running at optimal levels. Sydpro also supplies remote administration support to a number of core departments in the College.

Ayra Analytics

Ayra Analytics is a leading education analytics provider in Australia and New Zealand. Ayra uses predictive analytics to empower schools with the tools to help students manifest their potential. When Ayra team came up with the idea to develop this predictive analytics tool, they required a high-quality software development team. But, as all start ups demand, Ayra Analytics wanted this development team at an approachable price point. This is when Sydpro was approached. Sydpro’s development team was able to develop the software to meet the high standards it required, in time, and well within the budget allocated. This also resulted in a long term relationship between Sydpro and Ayra Analytics, as Sydpro was trusted with the digital marketing of the business as well.

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