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Get creative talent on-board that adds value to your business at half the cost. Often the jobs that are outsourced are the ones that are mostly back-end. However there is no reason why you cannot outsource creative services as well. Sri Lanka’s comprehensive education system also makes way for qualified and highly skilled writers, designers and other creative professionals. If you have creative services that need completion, SYDPRO is able to provide you with the skilled professionals needed to complete your work, at just a fraction of the cost that it would take you to do so in Australia.

Are you looking for professionals that can inspire?

What we will look for would be professionals with the capability to inspire others through the high quality creative work that they can perform. They are the people who would draw in customers to your brand. Because creative services can be very time consuming, people working in your workplace may not have the time to invest in it. Therefore, outsourcing your creative services will keep your cost down and save you time as well. All professionals we recruit are proficient and capable of delivering on time without compromising on quality.

Skills we offer

Want to start building your offshore creative team? Here are the list of positions we can help you recruit for!

Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Audio editors
Video editor
Animation Staff
3D Design Staff
CAD Design Staff

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Are you looking for more information about Sydpro? Have a look at the amazing team behind Sydpro, and the values and culture that binds our business together.

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