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Business intelligence has grown rapidly over the past few years and has helped companies drive results and increase profitability by analysis data already available to them. Business intelligence involves a process that is driven by technology and can be utilised for analysing data and presenting actionable information to help the management of a company make informed business decisions.

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At Sydpro, we use a variety of tools, applications, and methodologies that enable organisations to collect data from internal systems and external sources. This data is then prepared for analysis, following which we create reports, dashboards and data visualizations to make the analytical results available to corporate decision-makers, as well as operational workers. Sydpro currently has a highly skilled team of BI professionals competent in relational databases, dimensional modelling, ETL tools, data integration, database development, SSAS, Power BI skills, and advanced analytics.

Skills we offer

Machine Learning
Business Intelligence
Data Warehousing

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