h1 title 24 ways to reduce your employee turnover


4 ways to reduce your employee turnover

Employee turnover is one of the biggest hidden problems that can negatively impact your organisation. Turnover can lead to an increased reliance on recruiting or lost productivity. The impact turnover has on a business owner has been covered on numerous studies and articles. However, here are the 4 ways that can help reduce employee turnover in your business!

  • Be flexible 

There is a reason why flexible work is becoming more and more popular every day in the working world. Flexible work allows employees to adjust when they work and where they work which in return can significantly help them to improve their work-life balance. This is crucial in order to retain your employees because they need to be able to pursue other things in life apart from work if they are to be satisfied with their job. It will also help to ensure that they won’t be distracted when they work because flexible work schedules allow them to allocate plenty of time for their life outside work.  Of course, not all businesses have the ability to offer flexible times. For instance, when you are having a meeting with a client, the employees will be required to be there which will limit their ability to have flexible work schedules. However, you can still make other aspects of their job flexible such as offering flexible lunchtimes. 

  • Hire the right people 

One of the main reasons that cause high employee turnover is the inability of the employees to efficiently carry out their tasks. therefore, successful employee retention starts with hiring the right people that suit the job.  

When focusing on hiring the right people, you should not only ensure that they have the correct skills for the job, but you should also ensure that they are able to fit into the company culture. Having a solid set of behavioural interview questions to assess the employees’ behavioural attributes can help you to gauge how well they will fit into the company. No matter how skilled your employees are, if they are not happy about where they’re working, they will go somewhere where they feel more belonged. As long as your employees fit into the work environment and they have the skills to successfully carry out their duties, they’re more likely to be happy. 

  • Give fair workloads 

Dissatisfaction caused by heavy workloads often causes employees to quit their jobs. Overwhelming workloads can make employees feel exhausted, unsatisfied and less productive. This is because it will leave then struggling to complete their work rather than focusing on doing productive, meaningful work. This will cause your employees to be unsatisfied with their work which will ultimately force them to quit your job. 

In order to ensure that your employees are not overworked, you should ensure that the work is split among all your employees equally. You should also make sure that the tasks allocated to your employees match their skills and experience. This will allow them to be more productive at what they do and produce meaningful results which in return will drive employee satisfaction. 

  • Reward them 

If your employees feel valued, recognised and appreciated, they are more likely to remain with your organisation. So, when your employees do something positive, reward them, congratulate them and show your appreciation. This will help you to create a supportive, encouraging work environment where employees feel respected, understood and motivated. This is due to encourage them to remain with your organization because it allows them to have a positive work experience! 

Having dedicated remote teams can also help you to significantly reduce employee turnover. Since remote teams are managed by remote staff providers, you can avoid all the HR bureaucracy involved with managing employees. Furthermore, the remote staff providers are able to pay close attention to problems that the employees face and motivate them to continue their work and increase productivity. 

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