h1 title 2Why dedicated remote staff are great for startups!


Why dedicated remote staff are great for startups!


Building a team in a traditional office environment, with furniture and equipment is expensive, particularly if you are located in a big city where office space is scarce or incredibly expensive.

When you are first launching a business, keeping overheads low is critical for success. One way to keep your administration and overheads down is to base the business at your home and work with self-motivated individuals. The other option available is for you to hire freelancers, whereby you can avoid any complex employment laws and regulations. However, you have no way of closely monitoring freelancers and controlling them. They could also be working for multiple other clients, thus their dedication to your company may not be as high. This where dedicated remote employees are a perfect choice! So, here are three reasons why remote employees are the perfect choice for startups!

The Cost Savings = Higher margins of profit!

When you employ remote staff, you can cut down on your short term and long term costs that are associated with physical offices. This is especially true when you are based in a country, such as Australia, where labour is expensive. A startup can save up to $20,000 a year* from just one remote worker. You are also able to eliminate costs such as office supplies, rent, and the cost of many employee benefits by not having a physical workspace. Startups can use those savings to invest in activities that would contribute to growth. Also, the saving will be more than 50% if you hire offshore dedicated remote staff from Sri Lanka, Philippines, etc. This results in you getting all of the skills at a fraction of the local cost. This is often particularly true when hiring full-stack developers, BI Engineers, SEO, web design or call centre professionals.

Access to a diverse pool of talent

Finding the best talent that is right for your business is the largest challenge faced by startup founders. By hiring remote workers, you are able to increase the size of your talent pool since you are able to hire people located anywhere in the world. When hiring talent, you are not limiting your search to a particular area to close to your office. Companies spend vast sums of money recruiting for the best skills in the area they are based in. If they are unable to find the right talent in their area, they spend even more money to relocate talent and their families. Hiring remote staff gives you the ability to hire the best talent anywhere on planet Earth. Additionally, remote workers often have global experience. Their expertise is built on working with different companies from around the world. This means they can bring diverse skills and knowledge of best practice to your startup.

Better connection with technology

Remote employees can have a lot of benefits for your startup. You can access new talent, save money and improve the productivity of the business. With these helpful points in mind, talk to us today to begin building remote teams that can help your business to soar to the next level!