h1 title 2What to look for when hiring remote employees


What to look for when hiring remote employees

When you hire remote staff, it is crucial to understand the experience is different when compared to have employees working at your office, thus it is wise to look for certain qualities and characteristics that make them perfect for a remote position. So, here are the top five things to look for when hiring remote employees.

1. Communication and collaborative skills

Your remote team members do not have the luxury of being seen around in the office, so they need to be able to communicate with other team members quickly and effectively. Poor communication skills can hamper the productivity of your whole team. When it comes to remote working, we believe that there can never be too much communication with your remote employees. Hiring candidates who do not possess the level of written and oral communication skills required can create frustration all around and cost the company time and money.

2. Prioritizing results over activity

One of the best ways to identify a productive remote employee is to look for one that will prioritise final results and deliverables over empty tasks or the sheer number of hours worked. Being an efficient remote worker is not just about logging in and reporting to duty at a specific time every day.  It is more about accomplishing results and being accountable without a supervisor having to look over their shoulders. Hiring remote employees who understand that results are more important than just filling the day with activities will be one of the best ways to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

3. Ability to plan and execute

By giving team members clear guidelines on what is expected of them, they can work towards a specific goal. For a remote worker to be highly productive, they need to have the ability to plan and execute their share of work without being spoon-fed every step of the way. Remote workers do not have the ability to have a quick face to face meetings with co-workers about a project, and therefore planning becomes crucial.


4. Ability to work independently

One of the largest issues companies face when hiring remote workers is that they find candidates who are great on paper and on a phone interview but lose their way when asked to complete an actual project. It would be a mistake to hire remote employees without putting the candidate on a test project.  While they work on the test project, look for things like self-sufficiency, the ability to do their own research etc. Remote workers must have the ability to work independently and figure things out on their own.

5. Positive attitude and easy to work with

Some of the proven benefits of remote working include lower levels of stress and higher productivity. However, while a company may have a great company culture in-office, it could be a challenge to ensure remote working employees have the same experience. As a result, it’s important to find workers who can stay positive and motivate themselves. Collaborating with a team member who is not in the same physical space as others can be difficult even under the best of circumstances. A negative attitude can really make things difficult and affect the productivity and morale of the whole team. Look for positive people who get along well with others and can handle stressful situations!

When you team up with Sydpro, we ensure that we find you a team of remote working specialists that tick all the five boxes above. We ensure that your remote team has strong communication and collaborative skills, prioritises results over activity, is able to plan and execute efficiently, is able to work independently and has a very positive attitude. Get in touch with us today to lower your costs, improve your productivity and improve your profitability!