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As challenging as the recruitment process can be, it is an essential process to master for business. At Sydpro, we deliver unprecedented choice for Australian employers by providing access to two separate talent pools; Australia/New Zealand and the cream of the ICT crop in Sri Lanka. What’ your choice? Onshore or offshore? Both?

Recruitment is complicated simplified

Your Australian-based account manager will direct our talent search team based on your exact ICT hiring needs and will then present an agreed number of CV’s for you to review. You choose where the candidates are located, and the team scours that market. Maybe you want to interview candidates from both markets? It’s always your choice.

What do we do?

Sydpro doubles your access to ICT Talent by offering local and remote candidates to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Qualified and experienced ICT talent with a focus on impeccable English skills.
Our highly experienced Australian-based Account Managers and an entire Talent Identification, Recruitment, and Administration team deliver these services.

Our robust, 360˚ recruitment service delivers ICT resources for both permanent and contract engagements. All Sydpro Recruitment Account Managers bring a minimum of 10+ years of experience in the local ICT market.
An entire talent search team backs our Account Managers, using multiple strategies and platforms to alert candidates to your hiring needs.
This team approach ensures a rigorous search, delivering speed and quality of service.

Sydpro is an emerging employer of choice in Sri Lanka. Who doesn’t want to work for an Australian company?
We target the best of the best in the local market and set them up in Sydpro’s state of the art office in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Candidates are wholly and carefully vetted and introduced for interview and selection, occasionally competing with our onshore candidates.
Your offshore resource delivers their service on an Australian timetable and is backed by the Sydpro Administration and HR Team.

Who are our Clients?

You might be a start-up looking to maximise your staffing bang for buck, a company keen to seamlessly deliver a major project, or an enterprise business looking to decrease overall labour costs or offshore an entire business function.

One client engaged an entire project team with us. The Project Manager and Senior Functional consultant were engaged onshore in Melbourne, while the development team of 6 were engaged offshore at our Sri Lankan office. The Project manager led the complex project delivery to time and budget, representing a resource plan saving of 40% over the 6-month term.

The benefits of working with Sydpro

Finding the right employee can make or break your business. At Sydpro, we want to be your partner that guides you to finding the perfect employee for your organization. Our team of experts have worked with numerous clients and have successfully outsourced thousands of tasks, functions, and processes. This has helped businesses to save millions of dollars through improvements in efficiency and quality. Let us wrap our full capability and experience around your small and mid-size business. Our outcome-based solutions are simple, flexible and built with your goals, your budget and your success in mind.

Transactional, hourly, subscription and performance billing

Customized solutions that simple, flexible, and cost effective.

Cut down on up to 70% of your staffing costs while increasing productivity and quality.

Flexible payment plans with no up-front fee

Our Process

Our experience of working with a multitude of clients, over various industries the past few years have helped us device a streamlined process that takes the hassle out involved with outsourcing your operations to us.

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